Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

MOC Co-Founder, LPN
Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise:

  • Pediatrics
  • Multiples
  • Personalized Routines
  • Preemies
  • Feeding support
  • Multiple age household

Co-Founder of Moms on Call, Laura Hunter, is a juggler.  She juggles life–can you relate?  She is a mother of five (including a set of twins), a pediatric nurse, an entrepreneur and an infant care consultant.  But there’s one common passion for all the areas in Laura’s life: her desire to inspire and encourage parents.  Laura continues to provide infant consultations in the Atlanta area plus virtual consultations worldwide.

Reviews from the parents

Reviews from the parents

“This has been the best experience. Knowing I can email Laura at any time with questions or hop on a virtual call with her has given me so much confidence as a new mom. I feel so blessed to have found Mom’s On Call and although my little guy is only 3 weeks old, I’ve already learned so much and know it is going to continue to help us every step of the way!”

“Laura has been extremely responsive and has offered several creative solutions!”

“Buying your 3 month email consulting package has been the best thing I’ve done! I almost wish I had done it sooner but it worked out perfectly! I was able to drop the swaddle, get tips on going back to work and switching that feed schedule, the 4 month sleep regression and more. Laura has been fantastic and so ready to answer an email in such a short amount of time! It’s so comforting to get more insight or details to the book as well as getting answers to more specific situations that pertain to our situation. Laura’s kept me confident in difficult times and given me light and paths forward that is immeasurable! Thank you so much MOC!”

“Laura has simply been the greatest help I have received as a new mom of twins. She is extremely knowledgeable, way past the basics and textbook knowledge…she has real experience as a mother and a pediatric nurse as well as having had 5 children of her own (including twins). She has provided me with the essentials I need to be able to take care of my girls and provide them the best routine possible, not only for them but for me as well, and is consistently working with me to tweak it here and there to really nail down what is best for my babies as they grow and change. I’m so looking forward to continue working with Laura and couldn’t suggest her and the Moms on Call team more. If you are a new mom, this is a MUST. You can take their courses, read their books, or have a in person or virtual consult. They make is seamless for you. New mamas, if your considering reaching out to Moms on Call, do it – you will not regret it!”

“I would not be the mother I am today without Laura. She’s been with me for the last year and always gives me amazing advice. Whenever I doubt myself, my husband always says, “Why don’t you reach out to Laura!” Thank you Thank you Thank you!!”

“Super thankful for Laura’s time and guidance. Of all the things we learned, grace was my biggest take away. Love the motto “Parent in truth, not fear”. The MOC swaddle has exponentially made a difference with our son’s sleep and the first night in his crib went well! Thank y’all again for the program and support to back it.”


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